Our approach

Great coffee. Great service.

Great coffee, made for and with great people.

In practice this means:

  • Know our market, customers and competition

    Doe and Fawn will thrive when we meet the needs of our customers and partners. We should never assume that what works for one will work for all, so we will take the time to understand what makes each business or customer unique.

  • Be trusted

    We will be open, honest and authentic, creating an unbreakable level of trust. We are here to support our Partners to make the difficult job of running their business a little bit easier and more enjoyable. We will provide quality and value, our advice will be useful and clear.

  • Collaborate with like minded people

    Working with great people is as important to us as having great coffee. We will seek out suppliers, partners and build a team who align with our principles and strive to realise mutual benefits. We will build strong relationships and support local wherever we can.

  • Keep it simple and stay focused

    Trying to do everything is rarely the best plan, so we will keep focussed on what matters most for us, our partners and Customers. We aspire to simplify speciality coffee and make it more accessible. Great coffee is remarkable, it needs to be talked about and deserves to be shared.

  • Deliver on our promises

    When we agree to do something; we commit to delivering in the timeframe agreed and to a high standard. If we can’t achieve what we promise, we communicate this quickly and openly without
    excuses, apologise unreservedly and commit to putting it right.

  • Build a reputation for quality and skillful execution

    We will source, develop and offer products and services which we are proud of and believe in. We will share our partners and our own stories with creativity and passion, punching above our weight and being heard over corporate noise.

  • Keep learning

    We are committed to sharing knowledge. Learning from our Partners will create a balanced relationship. The knowledge we gain will help us support other businesses, and asking questions helps our Partners understand their own beliefs better.

  • Yes, we do event hire

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